USS Avenger NCC-72317-A

The Avenger was the first of her class,designed to replace the aging Soveriegn classes,she was put into production shortly before the Alliance war broke out,Faster,better equipped and more heavily shielded,The Avenger was every thing they said she would be and then some. The USS Avenger,the first to carry the name was lost in the first Battle of Armageddon.The second is now the Flagship of the Alliance, Posted at the New Arizona Fleet yards orbiting Pentarus IV,Her sole mission is seeing to the safety and well-being of the Alliance's member's. The Avenger has 27 decks,Her weapons systems include Four forward Pulse Ion Cannons,Two Phaser banks,Seven Trilithium corbide torpedo tubes,three fore,Four aft.Two Photon torpedo launchers. Standard Federation Alpha level Phased cloaking device. Maximum crew capacity 750. Maximum non slipstream drive:Warp 9.9975 Main propulsion:Slipstream drive The Avenger class is the most advanced vessel within the Alliances defensive arsenal.Most of the other vessels she serves along side are Galaxy class or older.

Join the Avenger crew

If you are interested in fighting for a cause,serving a starship which once again has a purpose,or just seeing what it would be like to fight in a war against the Federation,submit your idea for a character to your previous playing experience will be used to determine your initial rank. And remember..........VIVA LA ALLIANCE

Avenger Design

The Avenger Class design was built to incorporate the best parts of the Akira class,without the initial flaws.Her Hull shielding was multiplied four times, A battle bridge was added,Allowing major design modifications which include the ability to separate at speeds up to and including Slipstream velocities.All in all built to protect the Federation. She is proving to be the Best defense that the Alliance has. Faster and more heavily armed than anything the Federation currently has,Both Avenger classes stolen were immediately put into service.

Report:Classified SECLAR 10

::::::This Report is for your eyes only::::::

Admiral,the war is not going well for us here in the Pentarus sector. we lose more and more ships everyday,the Federation encroaches on our space closer each day,Initial reports indicate that they will be within striking distance in a matter of months.To tell you the truth we probably would have lived a whole lot longer having stayed put. Yes,I know but then we never would have been free.At last count as of stardate 253906.3,Our fleet was down to 42 vessels total,That's hard to believe considering we entered into this war withover 300 ships, But the worst part is the shortages of capable crews.I am now conversing with several possible candidates for placement within the ranks.I just hope it will be enough.

I remember the greatest thing you ever taught me. Freedom cannot be given.......but at times it must be taken. Yours truly Captain Joshua Harker Commanding officer USS Avenger

This report was intercepted twelve days ago by a probe on the edge of the Pentarus sector,It's author appears to be The old man himself,while the Admiral it was transmitted to is still unknown.