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Welcome to my world!

Greetings ladies and gentlemen,as you by now realise,This realm is dedicated to Gene Rodenberry's dream.Or with the little bit of tinkering that my friend and I have done,We've created Gene's nightmare.Well, to get everything going,My name is Sean Alexander Cassidy,I'm a student at SWVCC,I have been in my short history of jobs,a firefighter,a correctional officer,and a telecommunications specialist.My birthday is January 23rd,1976.My hometown is Logan, West Virginia.And to be specific.this biography page is for Connie, a special friend and someday maybe more.Who until this page was put up and running,had no idea what I looked like.Well Connie,Surprise.I hope you aren't dissapointed.To everyone else reading this,I truly hope you enjoy the game. Sincerely yours, Sean Cassidy

Subspace communications.

Confederated Planetary Alliance PBEM
A Galaxy in Ruiins
USS Avenger PBEM
Vengeance has many casualties,the Guilty and the innocent.But even in histories darkest moments,there was always a beacon of hope.
USS Independence PBEM
Freedom cannot be given,but there are times,when it must be taken.
USS Excalibur NCC-1705-C PBEM
Fight the good fight!
USS Andromeda PBEM
In defense of the Union.

You are the lost soul to become trapped in my realm