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United Federation of Planet's Most Wanted List

Confederated Planetary Alliance
2,000,000,000 bars gold pressed latinum
USS Avenger
1,500,000,000 bars gold pressed latinum,Dead or Alive
USS Independence
$1,000,000,000:Dead or Alive
USS Excalibur NCC-1705-C
$2,000,000:Wanted Dead or Alive
Author and GM Bio's
Welcome to Pergatory

Sean Cassidy
170 Caney Branch
Chapmanville, WV 25508
United States

USS Andromeda PBEM

The Andromeda Class was the largest class battleship ever built by the Federation.Designed to Fight multiple craft such as in the battles against the Alliance.She has more confirmed kills to her score than any other vessel in the history of the Federation. Under the command of Captain Aaron Salyers,she is known to be the one remaining threat inbetween the Alliance and their goals of soverienty. The USS Andromeda PBEM is set up for those of you,who still harbor hopes of reuniting the United Federation of Planet's into what it once was.Just remember,If you serve with them.You are fighting for a dream that died a long time ago.

You are the Federation officer without the balls to join the Alliance