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The Transporter Room

Confederated Planetary Alliance PBEM
A Galaxy in Ruins
USS Avenger PBEM
Freedom cannot be given,but at times it must be taken.
USS Independence PBEM
A New Hope

USS Excalibur NCC 1705-C PBEM

A ship which has went down in history,a legend rivalling that of the Enterprise herself.The Excalibur class starship was first introduced as a replacement to the aging Soveriegn class vessel.Over 1200 meters long,capable of sustaining a crew of over two thousand.The USS Excalibur was the first of her class,and some say the finest. The Excalibur,currently under the command of Admiral Wayne Gatesman, is in drydock temporarily,Receiving extensive repairs from damage received during an encounter with the Federation starship Andromeda. The Excalibur experienced severe casualties,therefore she is accepting crew transfers to all stations.

Transporter Code authorised,You are the Starcore officer to beam in.